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Stéphane Lachance General Manager Founder & President of the company, Mr. Lachance remains proactive in all spheres of his company for 35 years. His 23 years of experience in animation allows him to confirm that his team of animators and operators has the expertise and professionalism necessary for Concert Plus operations. He is nonetheless present at all stages of production to ensure the quality of service offered to its customers. This is a priority for Mr. Lachance. Also very active in the audiovisual department, he often acts as technical director for larger events.
Stéphane Lachance General Manager
Hanane Jouf VP manager Hanane is the right arm of Concert Plus's general manager. She ensures the proper functioning of the various departments of the company and performs various administrative tasks. Hanane expertise and vision allows Concert Plus to evolve in a professional environment. Hanane is involved in decision making for the company and also supports Mr. Lachance in his tasks related to the audiovisual department.
Hanane Jouf VP manager
Marc-André Fortin Senior Technician Marc-André studied at the prestigious Trébas sound institute. He is an excellent technician totally dedicated to customer satisfaction, very comfortable with sound, computer and video, and is one of the experienced members of our technical team.
Marc-André Fortin Senior Technician
Gabriel Poulin Technician Gabriel is a student at Laval University. Very professional attitude, very calm, Gabriel never panics. He always finds solutions to the technical problems that arise before him. Being specialized in sound reinforcement, he excels in the art of adjusting the parameters to have a good sound regardless of the room. An excellent member of our technical team.
Gabriel Poulin Technician
Richard Tremblay Master of Ceremonies (MC) An engineer by training, Richard is an excellent communicator. His natural talent has allowed him to become a speaker in the corporate field. Versatile, Richard also knows how to practice magic for several years.
Richard Tremblay Master of Ceremonies (MC)
Charles Digaetano Master of Ceremonies (MC), DJ operator Senior host at Concert Plus, Charles holds a Bachelor's degree in Public Communication Advertising Profile from Laval University. He has a natural talent for animation and never goes unnoticed. He is one of a kind and animates the evenings with dynamism, humor and professionalism. Charles also manages the musical selection of the nights he hosts.
Charles Digaetano Master of Ceremonies (MC), DJ operator
Shawn Mac-Farlane DJ operator Shawn is a DJ operator on our team. Possessing a great experience in the field, he quickly became a value for our music entertainment team. Shawn is also very comfortable with the microphone.
Shawn Mac-Farlane DJ operator
Guy-Philippe Nadon DJ operator Guy-Philippe is a talented DJ operator with a great sense of professionalism. Its flexibility will please you for any type of evening.
Guy-Philippe Nadon DJ operator
Carol Poulin DJ operator Carol a des connaissances musicales très approfondies lui permettant de faire jouer des pièces musicales de différents styles et époques pour satisfaire tous les invités. Carol cumule plusieurs années dans le domaine et il est toujours aussi passionné. Il aime faire des suivis serrés avec les clients au courant de la soirée pour s'assurer que son travail est apprécié.
Carol Poulin DJ operator
Guillaume Villeneuve DJ operator Operator-DJ within our team, Guillaume has a very thorough musical knowledge, which allows him to adjust to the requests of guests and to understand their tastes. He knows how to adapt his musical choices according to different customers with ease and skill.
Guillaume Villeneuve DJ operator
Francis Langlois DJ operator / Technician Francis has worked in several fields for national companies, which makes him a person with a lot of experience with clients. A tireless worker, his priority is first and foremost the satisfaction of our customers. Francis has good technical and musical knowledge that will make him stand out with our customers.
Francis Langlois DJ operator / Technician
Éric Trudel Master of Ceremonies (MC) Host, Eric graduated from the National School of Humor. He has a solid experience in evening entertainment and as a master of ceremonies. He misses no opportunity to practice his passion for animation.
Éric Trudel  Master of Ceremonies (MC)
Gabriel Leblanc DJ operator Gabriel has a Bachelor of Music degree and teaches in several school boards. His great musical knowledge will ensure that will be able to adapt his musical selection according to the type of party and the people who participate.
Gabriel Leblanc DJ operator
Gabriel Tremblay Master of ceremonies (MC) Gabriel works as a biomedical engineering technician for the CHU de Québec. Very methodical in his approach, his goal is to ensure that all guests are left with their musical tastes within his musical selection. Very open to special requests, you will have a good time with him.
Gabriel Tremblay Master of ceremonies (MC)
Marie-Noël (Marino) Gagnon Master of Ceremonies (MC) Marino, for those who know her by her nickname, has a career in the field of radio for a long time. She shows great ease in front of an audience and music has always been part of her life. She knows how to adjust to different situations. Whether the evening is very lively or discreet, she has the skills to adapt to the taste and needs of the client.
Marie-Noël (Marino) Gagnon Master of Ceremonies (MC)
Stéphan Viau Master of Ceremonies (MC) Stéphane has an excellent sense of repartee. He holds a Master's degree in Political Science from Laval University. His experience in the business world allows him to adapt to any situation. He has many years of experience in radio animation and is passionate about this field.
Stéphan Viau Master of Ceremonies (MC)
Isabelle Bertrand DJ operator Isabelle joined our team in 2017. She has good musical knowledge and is with Stéphan Via an excellent duo that is complete wonderfully.
Isabelle Bertrand DJ operator
Jacques Hallé DJ operator Jacques is also passionate about music. He has great musical knowledge and he has the talent to quickly guess the tastes of the guests on the dance floor. Special musical requests are a priority for his audience. With Jacques, you are in good hands
Jacques Hallé DJ operator
Steve O'neil DJ operator Steve has been passionate about music for many moons. He worked at the Concorde nightclub for several years. He is currently working in the automotive field, but his passion for music is still alive and he has a great musical background in all styles.
Steve O'neil DJ operator
The team 2019 Here are the members of our 2018 team who are passionate and who are eager to show you their professionalism and know-how! to produce a perfect job !
The team 2019
Funny team picture! Team 2017 We are specialists and professionals, but we are also able to funny.
Funny team picture! Team 2017
Funny team picture2 ! Team 2018 A professional team that knows how to have fun!
Funny team picture2 ! Team 2018

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